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Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

It’s hard nowadays to pin down the meaning of the word “natural” when referring to beauty products. With so much ‘greenwashing’ in advertising the word has lost some of it’s meaning. To us, natural ingredients mean minimally processed and derived from natural sources such as seeds, nuts, and leaves. We like to go from plant to product in as few steps as possible!

We’re committed to using natural ingredients not just because they work, but because they create less of an environmental impact than their chemical counterparts.  Extraction of a botanical oil, for example, uses less fossil fuel and creates far fewer harmful byproducts than the creation of a hydrocarbon-based oil such as paraffin. Natural ingredients also tend to be fully biodegradable and easily composted.  The dried herbs that go into our herbal infusions are collected and turned into our compost heap, which will in turn yield rich, black soil for our gardens.

Part of what makes our products so effective is not only the superior quality of the natural ingredients they contain, but the quantity they contain as well. All of our products are at least 97% natural, with some (such as Twist Mist) being 100% natural. From high potency herbal infusions to rich botanical oils and extracts, our carefully crafted formulas are packed full with ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp from the inside out. Whenever possible we use organic, unrefined ingredients so as to pass on their uniquely beneficial and potent properties. These natural ingredients are as beautiful and fragrant as they are effective.  The minimal processing they undergo gives our products their unique color and scent!

It’s easy to talk the talk without walking the walk, right?  But when you create every product yourself, you have a very personal stake in whether your ingredients are safe to use.   We don’t want to be in contact with anything toxic, so you can rest assured that our products are safe for you and your family to use.  Though we do use a limited number of chemicals (primarily for emulsification and preservation), we take care to use only those that receive a safety rating of 5 or lower on the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database and to use them in the smallest possible amount.

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Is Your Moisturizer Drying Out Your Hair? Part 2

Last drops of oil being extracted from the earth.

Petroleum derivatives, like mineral oil and liquid paraffin, are another controversial topic in the world of hair care – particularly in natural hair communities! On the surface petroleum derivatives seem like a workable solution to fighting frizz and dryness. After all they’re occlusive, have the ability to enhance curl formation, and are wallet friendly. Unfortunately, there’s a darker side of petroleum derivatives. They’re easy to quickly ‘overdo’ because they’re often high in the ingredient list, difficult to remove from the hair, and offer no nourishing or restorative benefits. Apart from lacking nutritive properties, they create tacky buildup that attracts dirt and dust, dulling the hair as well as blocking nutrients from penetrating. Additionally, petroleum derived ingredients are a nonrenewable resource. Because we’re committed to using green, sustainable practices whenever possible that’s quite a large drawback.

The use of petroleum derivatives creates a cycle of dependency that encourages and exacerbates dryness. Because of their tendency to create build up, petroleum derivatives require more frequent washing which can lead to moisture-induced stress (aka hygral fatigue). This causes loss of protein, natural and artificial color fading, split ends, and breakage. In turn, this creates more frizz driving the need for more frizz fighting.

Essentially petroleum derivatives create a very temporary fix for frizz while offering none of the nourishing benefits that plant derived oils do. Correctly used silicones as well as botanically derived oils are a much better choice of occlusives as they not only create a barrier around the hair shaft but do so in a way that is easy to remove. The added plus of botanically derived oils are the many beneficial components they contain like antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids – all essential for maintaining healthy hair.

Although there are some small benefits to petroleum derived ingredients the drawbacks render those benefits negligible. If you’re interested in healthy, frizz free hair petroleum derivatives are not for you. Plant derived oils, and products that contain them, give you wonderful frizz fighting power while also feeding your hair with the good things it needs.

Looking for Original Moxie products with amazing moisturizing, sealing, frizz fighting power? Try Emollience or Twist Mist!

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Have a Very Vegan Holiday!

Original Moxie has something for everyone on your holiday shopping list, including that hard-to-shop-for vegan in your life!

All of our products are certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny. But did you know that many of our products are also vegan? Here’s a list of every vegan product we carry, with a link to its product page on our website. Give with a clean conscience this year – we’ve got you covered!


The photo above is an example of a Mini Combo Kit with vegan products. Mini Combo Kits allow our customers to mix and match our Moxie Minis, to create a custom product combination that fits their specific hair type. Mini Kits are a great way to try products before you commit to a full size! Kits retail for $15 each. Moxie Minis sell for $5 each if purchased individually. *Holiday gift wrapping (as shown above) available for an additional $2 per kit.

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It IS Easy Being Green


Karley today

Blogger Karley Ziegler Mott Finds Beauty Bliss in Conscious Living.
A Certified Aromatherapist with a long professional background as an Esthetician & Make Up Artist, Karley Ziegler Mott discovered make up at age 14 and never looked back. She translated her experience with major lines such as Lancome, Clinique, and Laura Mercier into the development of her own line of skin care which was featured in Martha Stewart Body + Soul magazine.
In addition to her love of beauty products, Karley is also passionately committed to natural, organic living. In 2007 she founded Chic & Green, a blog that allows her to share her love of all things green and beautiful with the world.

We discovered Karley’s blog shortly after launching Original Moxie, and she quickly became one of our biggest and most vocal fans!  As an entrepreneur, beauty product fanatic, mother, and self-proclaimed ‘Liberal Feminist,’ Karley embodies many of the personae of today’s modern woman. Having so much in common with Original Moxie Founder Rachel Blistein, she was the perfect candidate to kick off our series on Hair & Identity.

How would you describe your relationship to your hair? Does it play a significant role in your view of yourself? It does play a role in how I view myself. When my hair cooperates and it looks great, it does make me have more confidence. For example, in that awkward stage I just went through from pixie to bob, I definitely felt more self conscious about my hair.

Karley's Pixie Cut - July 2012

Karley’s Pixie Cut – July 2012

How big of a role does your hair play in how you feel about your appearance? I would have to say it plays a major role. Hair is highly visible. When it looks great, it has an affect on my self esteem.
You are fortunate enough to be able to wear your hair straight or curly.  Do you notice a difference in your attitude or confidence when it is one way or the other? Yes– when I wear it straight and more sleek, I feel super confident, polished, and refined. When I wear it with curls, I feel more carefree, less serious, a little bit more playful.
Image is such a big part of social media.  How has being a public figure via your blog changed the way you feel about your hair?  Do you feel more pressure to look good all the time since launching your blog? I do feel more pressure. A couple years back, I started having people recognize me for my blog, saying, “Hey, you’re the Chic & Green blogger.” I definitely worry more about being put together all the time.
Green living seems to be a core part of who you are as a person.  How does your commitment to using environmentally-friendly products affect how you style and care for your hair?  Do you ever feel that your commitment to natural principals and products comes into conflict with what is convenient or desirable?   No. Fortunately, there are so many wonderful eco-friendly products now. It used to be an issue. I am able to use natural products from head to toe now. This makes me feel great because I no longer have to compromise.
How old were you when you first developed your own unique sense of style?  Is your hair a big part of that style?  I would have to say that I really came into my own in college. I really embraced my own tastes and I think I will always be the blonde with some form of short hair, always wearing earrings and a stack of bracelets, and never without lipstick on. That’s just me.
What do you love most about your hair?  I love how thick it is. I have very thick hair and I love that.

What issues (if any) do you continue to grapple with when it comes to your hair as it relates to your overall appearance and sense of self?  My own personal hair issue is becoming frustrated when it is hot and humid. It gets a bit frizzy and feels heavy–that’s when I go and get a pixie without fully thinking it through 🙂
What are your favorite Original Moxie products?  I absolutely must have Straight Up™! Now that my hair is getting longer and I am flat ironing it again, I am reaching for it every morning.  I also swear by Featherweight™. I love the soft scent and the fact that it leaves my hair feeling silky, but never weighed down.  Sweet Poof is another favorite.  When I want some “oomph” at the roots and crown for a fuller look, this is my go-to styling aid!