Prepare for Wash & Go Success

Make no mistake, you CAN achieve a phenomenal curly style without heat or manipulation (a.k.a. a ‘Wash & Go’) regardless of your texture.  However, in order to rock the Wash & Go of your dreams, you must take stock of your hair as it is.   Is your hair dry?  Do you have areas that do not curl due to heat styling or a relaxer?  Does the shape of your cut lend itself to a curly style?  Perhaps your hair has been texturized or thinned, leading to all-over frizz and lack of definition?  These are all things that we see very frequently with clients that are frustrated by their attempts to wear a Wash & Go.

The good news is, that while some take longer to correct than others, you can fix all of these common pitfalls.

  1. Dryness can be addressed by pre-treating the hair with Emollience and using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, such as Get Clean & Intense Quench Deep Conditioner.   The products you use and the frequency with which you wash your hair is everything when it comes to moisture retention, a key component of a healthy Wash & Go.  For extreme dryness or hair that is naturally resistant or coarse, we recommend a Moisture Detox (available exclusively at the Original Moxie Salon).DSC00915
  2. Damage can be offset by a number of measures, depending on your priorities.  For those seeking to minimize any loss of length, we suggest a Damage Detox (also available at the Original Moxie Salon) , which radically moisturizes and rebuilds damaged hair, enhancing shine, curl definition, and manageability.  Removing the damage with a trim is the most comprehensive and fastest way to bypass split ends and inconsistent curl patterns.   If you choose this option, make sure you go for a Curly Cut, rather than having your hair cut from a straightened state, as this will only introduce new damage into your already stressed hair.
  3. Texturizing can be the most difficult issue to correct, depending on how frequently or severely the hair has been thinned.   Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most common  challenges that we encounter. When the hair is razor cut or thinned with notched shears, it separates and weakens the natural curl groupings or ‘families,’ creating instant frizz where the individual, thinned hairs fly away from the group.  When this process is repeated, the issue becomes worse as the curl groupings become increasingly thin and frayed.  The only way to correct this issue is with regular trims or a big chop.  Using a strong gel, such as Hold Up Defining Serum,  can help to artificially ‘glue’ the fly aways down, but this is just a temporary solution.
  4. Shape is all important in feeling confident with your natural texture.  A great shape can get you through a day with less-than-perfect definition and provide structure to the natural disconnect and variability of curly hair.  If you plan to wear your hair primarily in its curly state, we highly recommend getting a Curly Cut to ensure that the shape works with your natural curl pattern, density, and head shape.  Our method goes a step further to ensure that your natural curl groupings are cut as a unit to enhance and reinforce your texture.moxie cut_web

Moral of the story?  Get the fundamentals in place to get he most out of your Wash & Go!

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