Mastering the Wash & Go

DSC00900Having highly textured hair presents its own unique challenges and rewards.  While there are seemingly endless options for fun, versatile styles, the Wash & Go is an essential foundation for most curly routines.  Believe it or not, there really are no hair types that can’t wear a Wash & Go.  It’s just a matter of knowing how to achieve the best results for your hair type.  Cracking that code can be the difference between a successful natural hair journey and a long, difficult ride on the struggle bus.

If you’re in the latter category, not to worry!  All March long, we’ll be sharing tips, answering questions, and featuring examples from all of you.   We’ll cover the ‘4 P’s’ (Prep, Product, Process, & Practice) and finish off the month with a FREE hands-on Wash & Go Hair Clinic (the first of many to come) on Wednesday, March 28th from 6pm – 8pm at the Original Moxie Store & Salon. While tickets for the store event sold out in under an hour, we do have a waitlist and event details available at on our event page.   Don’t live in our area? No problem! Simply join our live-streaming event on Facebook – no RSVP necessary.  See you there!

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