Evolve Your Wash Day

We love the holidays and all, but, let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of time for self-care.  But, as of today, the kids are back in school, the frenzy of the holidays has passed and at last we can breathe and do important things like wash our hair!  Here are three quick tips to transform your Wash Day from a grind to sublime.

  • Pre-treat
    It’s dry out there, ya’ll.  Even if you’re hair runs oily, you can’t help but notice the tell-tale fly-aways, frizz, and breakage of thirsty hair.  Boost your normal moisturizing routine with an overnight pre-treament.  Pre-treatments, like Emollience,  are traditionally applied to dry (as in not wet) hair so as to allow the oils to penetrate your cuticle without competition from water.  Apply it overnight and cap hair with a satin bonnet the night before you wash.  The key ingredients of  Cupuaçu Butter and  Castor Oil help dry hair hold onto moisture and boost shine while creating a protective barrier around the hair shaft.  If your hair is fine and oil-prone, you may want to skip this oil-based treatment in favor of a scalp massage and overnight treatment with Scalp Therapy, which will hydrate the scalp without weighing the hair down.
  • Skip the Foam
    Less moisture in the air, means less moisture in your hair.  So it makes sense that our hair may not need washing quite as frequently or might benefit from a less-aggressive shampoo, like like Get Clean.  Our no-foam shampoo also doubles as a detangler, particularly if applied in sections.  Because it leaves more of your natural oils intact, you can extend the time between washes and cut back on your leave-ins.
  • Ditch Your Towel
    Every notice those tiny little loops in the fabric of your bath towel?  While they’re great at soaking up water from your bod, they can also cause frizz in wavy and curly hair.  Instead of blotting wet hair with a terry cloth towel, absorb excess moisture with a non-snagging fabric like the organic, knit-cotton of our Moxie Turban Scarves.  These beauties absorb just the right amount of moisture without roughening the cuticle of the hair.  They’re awesome for  the ever-popular ‘plopping*,’ as they can be wrapped around the hair as a super-cute accessory while your hair is drying. Don’t have time to wait around all day while your curls gently dry?  No problemo.  Simply wrap your Turban Scarf up (as in this video tutorial) to accessorize while you dry.
    *’Plopping’ is a method of removing excess moisture from the hair while enhancing curl and minimizing frizz.  You can look it up on Youtube to choose from hundreds of ‘how-to’s’ to learn more.

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