Experience a Dry Cut at the Original Moxie Store!

blog_sm_pic2Our Guest Stylist Program is off and running with a second appearance by  one of the region’s top Curly Hair Artists:  Melissa Stites of There Once Was a Curl! A leader and innovator in the curly hair community, Melissa is active in the international Curly Hair Artistry Group  , an international community of stylists that “work with Waves, Curls and Muli-Cultural Hair by applying art, methods/techniques and business skills”*.

Melissa will be at the Original Moxie Store on Tuesday, March 17th from 10am to 7pm to offer her expert dry cuts and styling.  The fee for her service is $55.  What is a ‘dry cut,’ you may ask?   The short answer is that a dry cut is just what it sounds like – a hair cut done on dry, rather than wet hair.  Because your hair will not be washed and conditioned at the shop, we ask that you come with your hair in its clean, natural state.  Translation:  1) wash your hair the day or night before your cut; 2) go easy on the styling product – some is ok, but don’t slather it on too heavily; 3) come with your natural texture showing.  Braids, twists, or other protective styles should be removed prior to your visit.  For those of you that like to dig deep, check out this Huffington Post article, which explains the benefits for various hair types.

To schedule an appointment, please email Melissa at bigredapmi@gmail.com.  You can also find out more information by calling our store at 734.480.8096 or emailing us at info@originalmoxie.com.

*Source:  The Curly Hair Artistry Group Facebook Page

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