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Welcome to OM!

Welcome to OM, the Original Moxie Blog! We’re so happy you’ve joined us!

Founder & CEO Rachel Blistein

Founder & CEO
Rachel Blistein

Most of you already know us, but for those of you who don’t, we’re a small but mighty company crafting decadent shampoos, conditioners and stylers for ALL hair types. We’re crazy about hair, our Earth, and all those wonderful places in life where the two intersect.
We’re excited about our blog because it’s going to allow us to further connect and interact with our customers! It will also give owner Rachel Blistein an opportunity to share more of her story and the endless knowledge she has gathered along the way. There may be posts about ingredients in our products, ingredients to stay away from, styling tips, how to maintain healthy hair and a healthy environment, how information applies to everyday folks and what that looks like, or any number of lifestyle topics.

But we are listening to you too! We regularly get customer feedback about our products and service, and we do our very best to honor each interaction with a personal response. So, please know that our inbox is always open! Send us a note, a photo, a question about your hair, a question about our products, anything that involves a Marmoset, a joke, or anything else you think we might enjoy 🙂 It could make its way into OM! And, as you may know, each post and page allows for reader comments. So don’t be shy, tell us what you think!

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